<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Cathal Delaney

Uploaded: 29/03/2017

Newry Street Post Office : The first twenty years, or so, of my life I spent in that village and what a wonderful boyhood l had! My mother, Frances, ran the Post Office from approx. 1946 until her death in 1957. She had worked in the old Post Office before her marriage. It was situated in the building where Eileen (Mrs.Thornton) now lives. She had been sent there as a newly trained morse code operator to assist the elderly postmistress, a Mrs.Martin. By co-incidence shortly after her marriage she would end up living right next door and some few years later that's where the new Post Office was based. My father, Charlie, worked in the railway offices at Greenore Junction. At the far end of the Newry St. you can just make out small notice boards on the wall of that second last house. It was the old Police Barracks. My grandfather William was assigned there from Dundalk as sergeant. He originated from Roundwood Co.Wicklow. Cardinal Logue befriended him. It was partly because, we think, he admired the practice of the police March through the streets to Mass every Sunday and he enjoyed participating in target shooting quite often with my grandfather. My father recalled how the Cardinal was in fact a 'crack shot'! Where the cinema was built there used to be an old store and before that the old courthouse. It was burnt down in the 'Trouble'. I well recall the fun we had while the cinema was being built; some jumping onto the running boards of the lorries as they shunted and stalled and pranged amidst the clouds of dust and the blasting of rocks and not such genteel language in accompaniment. My maternal grandfather was a deep sea schooner skipper. He shipped out of Annagassan harbour which was an important port estuary in those days. In retirement he was the Pilot there and had many unusual experiences. Once he piloted a fanciful yacht carrying the young bride and groom setting off on honeymoon from Castlebellingham Castle just after their wedding. They were aristocrats, one a Bellingham. My paternal grandmother had nine children. Her funeral, we understand went from Cford to her native Cootehill area by train. William remarried and had three more boys, born here. Vincent, Christopher and Richard. My paternal grandfather is buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery. My maternal grandfather is buried in Killsaran. May Jesus enfold them all in His love. Cathal Delaney

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